Working at Google?

It's a good job but you're having some doubts

We get it. You put in a lot of hard work and landed your dream job at Google. Now you're starting to learn how the sausage is made.

Do No Evil

It's such a good slogan but what did it really mean?

  • Don't allow ads unless they are relevant
  • Don't allow "flashy" ads
  • Label ads as "sponsored"

Check out the version to learn more.

That's it. Google's definition of evil is all about ads. No mention of privacy, censorship or selling user data to the highest bidder.

One of the Problems

Google devices (Home, Android phones, etc.) can "mishear" their wake words. Once they make this mistake they can start recording and sending that audio to anyone they want. Here is an interesting read, Google employees are eavesdropping, even in your living room, VRT NWS has discovered

Do Better

Do you work on Google Ads? Can you explain how using location data, proximity to other users and similar data is used to target advertisements at children? This type of targeting might be useful for adults that are fully informed about how they are "sharing" their data but it is inappropriate for children. Why is data being collected about children at all?

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